FutureAdvisor for Connection CU Members!

January 9, 2014

FutureAdvisor Now Available to Connection Credit Union Members

As a Connection Credit Union member, you now have access to first-class advice and management for your retirement investment accounts through FutureAdvisor’s online-based investment advisory solution.  In just a few minutes, FutureAdvisor can help you to enhance your portfolio’s diversification and increase your savings on investment fees and taxes across all of your accounts – in one clear dashboard.

Get the most out of your investments – visit FutureAdvisor now for your free analysis to see how you can improve your portfolio and save on investment fees and taxes.

Free Target Investment Portfolio

Find out what your ideal portfolio would be, including a personalized asset allocation.

Free Account Analysis

Easily and securely have your investment accounts analyzed by our sophisticated algorithm, including your 401k, IRA, and brokerage accounts.

Free Recommendations

See the exact trades our Premium Management service would make first, and how they’ll enhance your investment portfolio, including:

  • Improved asset diversification
  • Increased fee savings
  • Added tax efficiency

Direct Management for a Low Flat-Fee

Premium Investment Management means your existing portfolio becomes your ideal recommended investment portfolio without you having to lift a finger.  FutureAdvisor notifies you of the trades to be made, and then makes them on your behalf.  Then, 24/7 monitoring and rebalancing keeps your portfolio optimized.  All of this for as little at $9 per month.

 Click here or visit ConnectionCU.FutureAdvisor.com to check out FutureAdvisor now and begin maximizing your investment portfolio!


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